Summer & Fall Blue Whale Watching

July 15, 2018

Migration Period: Mid-June - September

Blue whales, the largest creatures on earth and thought to be among the most endangered of the great whales, may be found off the coast of San Diego mid-June through September. In fact, the largest group of blue whales in the world, some 2,000 to 3,000, feed off the California coast during the summer months. These magnificent mammals, who can be 100-feet, give away their location by spouting a 30-foot column of water in the air that can be seen from miles away.

The migratory patterns of blue whales have been tracked from the Antarctic to California to Costa Rica. Changes in ocean temperatures and the abundance of krill over the past few years have attracted far more blue whales to San Diego's coast than in the past. Since blue whales tend to be found further out to sea than their grey whale cousins,  the best way to catch a glimpse of them is by boat! When exiting the bay, will cruise pass massive active and retired military vessels like the USS Midway Museum, and historic landmarks around the bayfront like the lighthouse at the Cabrillo National Monument. We'll also cruise by kelp forests and expect to see dolphins and sea lions. Book your private tour with us and we'll customize it to your needs.